SES has promised the US military that it would be offering satellite operations to meet the unit’s numerous technological demands

SES Government Solutions is a satellite connection utility that revealed its intention of providing data, intelligence and satellite operations for the US Air Gorce to tun its operations. Nevertheless, the company will be rivaling other communications service providers to procure the Advanced Battle Management System program (ABMS). This project is for the Aur Force to link the country’s armory units with command centers to improve the flow of data between these two crucial units. Additionally, the project will be developing on the idea of a Combined Joint All Domain Command and Control, which will manage the activities of the two units and create tact to restore the US to its dominance potential in space.

The ABMS project needs approximately $302 million, which the Air Force applied for in its financial documentation for next year’s budget. Moreover, the funds will spur over five years in which the total costs would have reached $3.2 billion. Additionally, the project has attracted stakeholders in the aerospace, defense, and technology field to battle it out for $950 million for the supplies and services they will be offering to the Air Force until the ABMS project is achieved. For instance, SpaceX’s Starlink satellite constellation and SES will provide satellite communication services for this project. The Air Force selected SpaceX because its constellation will provide the details of the activities taking place in the low-Earth orbit, while SES offers data from the geosynchronous and medium-Earth orbit.

Will Roper, an assistant secretary of the Air Force for procurement activities, stated that they have been monitoring various satellite operators’ operations in space and decided to utilize these two. The executive outlined that SpaceX and SES have demonstrated the future potential to scavenge the activities happening in the orbitals where they have deployed their satellites. Moreover, the purpose of the ABMS project is for these companies to offer details that can help the military units divulge data concerning the missions they are conducting on Earth-like combats.

The Air Force wants to scrutinize data before making decisions to avoid revealing its secrets to its foes that might use it for their advantage. Roper reported that the project has already covered one-and-a-half years and will continue to experiment until they display the technology that the US Air Force can utilize to meet its military personnel’s crises. Additionally, he expressed his concerns over the success of the project, narrating that the rigid military procedures might affect the smooth procession of the project. Finally, the Air Force Capabilities Office will work out a plausible strategy that integrates the ABMS technology into the military systems without threatening the safety or the intel that the military systems contain.