UTAR Shifts to Renewable Energy for Kampar Campus

A twenty-year rooftop solar PPP (Power Purchase Agreement) has been entered into by Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) together with Ditrolic Solar, a Malaysian renewable energy technology firm for corporate as well as institutional clients in South East Asia, to implement a 4.1 MWp on-site rooftop solar project. Under the SunLease scheme of Ditrolic Solar, UTAR Kampar Campus structures in Perak will be built with around 9,000 solar panels to produce enough electricity for 75 percent of their peak demand for power. Under the scheme, UTAR will benefit from renewable energy production without any capital investment and buy the energy at a discounted fee from the standard TNB tariff.

The project will produce around 108,142MWh of renewable energy over its lifespan, allowing UTAR to prevent CO2 emissions of 75,699 tonnes. This UTAR-led effort is part of its dedication to committing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nations (UN). Board of Trustees Datuk Lee Leck Cheng as well as Ditrolic Energy Solution Sdn Bhd Business Development Manager Officer, Raziah Hamdan signed the deal with UTAR Council Chair Tan Sri Dato ‘Seri Dr. Ting Chew Peh and the Ditrolic Energy Solution Sdn Bhd CEO Tham Chee Aun when witnessing the formalization of the deal.

“Solar power is a fantastic green energy alternative, from minimizing greenhouse gas emissions to enhancing our air quality as well as preserving our valuable resources,” stated Prof. Dr. Ewe Hong Tat, who serves as President of UTAR. “We are glad to have this opportunity to partner with Ditrolic that helps us with the solar power potential of a minimum of 4045.36kWp to help and minimize UTAR power usage. They will be installed in seven structures and an open area on Campus Kampar. I am delighted that our work for a more prosperous future will be encouraged by this collective agreement signing ceremony,” he continued.

In addition to the agreement of the Solar PPA, Ditrolic Solar, as well as UTAR will also cooperate in the field of development and research by developing on-campus solar research programs to enable scientists and students to obtain and study real-life data to progress the model of the tropical solar system. Mr. Tham Chee Aun, who works at Ditrolic Solar Group as the Chief Executive Officer, said that Ditrolic Solar is very proud to be a chosen renewable energy partner for a higher institution education like UTAR.

“The adoption of this agreement signals the start of UTAR’s long-term partnership with Ditrolic Solar firm. This will reach beyond the supply of renewable energy to UTAR and business collaboration, development and research, and the placement of student internships and potential work. I hope we will do our bit to add to infrastructure development in Malaysia’s renewable energy market.”