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SpaceX founder is the world’s wealthiest individual today

Elon Musk has just become the world’s wealthiest man, pushing fellow space mogul Jeff Bezos from the top. The founder and Chief executive Officer of SpaceX is now worth over $185 billion, as per media estimates, due mainly to the continuing increase in the share price of his electric vehicle business, Tesla. As per CNBC, Bezos, who operates and the Blue Origin spaceflight company, is reportedly worth $184 billion. Since the year 2017, Bezos has owned the world’s most-rich title.

Musk ended with $27 billion in 2020 then padded his pocketbook throughout the year in unprecedented fashion, CNBC reported. “Musk’s assets rise over the last year represents the quickest rise to prominence of the wealthy list in history — as well as being a dramatic monetary transformation for the famed businessman, who just 18 months ago would be in the spotlight for Tesla’s fast cash burn as well as his personal control against the firm’s stock,” CNBC reported. “Tesla’s soaring share price — that has risen far beyond nine-fold over the last year — together with his lucrative pay package have contributed over $150 billion to his current net worth.” SpaceX that is not a publicly held firm, unlike Tesla Company, had a major 2020 as well.

All told, 26 flights were launched by SpaceX in the year 2020, more than any other it has ever done in a single year. In Starship’s production, the transportation vehicle it is designing to carry people to space, Mars, and even beyond, the business has taken significant steps. Musk has already stated that back in the year 2002, he created SpaceX specifically to help mankind colonize Mars, and so to help make this possible, he intends to dedicate a significant portion of his growing money.

“About 50% of my money is meant to support Planet issues and a half to support create a self-sustaining town on Mars to ensure the continuity of life (of all the species) if Earth is struck by a meteor such as the dinosaurs or the WW3 and we kill ourselves,” Musk twitted in 2018, that he had pinned to the top of his account in Twitter.  “Blue Origin states that to maintain Earth, our home, for our descendants, we need to go to orbit to access its limitless resources as well as energy,” the core mission statement of the organization reads, in part. “Just like the Industrial Revolution paved the way to economic abundance, new communities, trade and high-speed transportation — our path to space unlocks to the gate to the endless and yet unthinkable future subsequent generations might experience.”