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Growing End-use Adoption to Fuel Sales of Low Sugar Pectin Market During the Forecast Period

Amidated low sugar pectin is an altered form of pectin that is sourced from the citrus fruit peels. Amidated pectin have a set of complex polysaccharides that are mostly present in cell structures of plants. Amidated pectin is mostly used for gelling, stabilizer and as a thickening agent in food. Most widespread application of amidated pectin is to give a solid jam like consistency to marmalades or jams, and without thickening they would just remain in the form of sweet juices. Amidated pectin is also used to stabilize protein drinks that are acidic in nature like yogurt and it is also used in baked goods as a substitute for fat. To obtain best results, amidated pectin should be at a pH of 3.2-3.6. Its setting temperature is about 40 to 70 degrees C depending on the amount of calcium present. Amidated pectin is also used in low calorie jellies that have a low content of sugar, jells and gelatine type desserts.

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As per the International Pectin Producers Association, amidated pectin is one of the most multifaceted stabilizer available in the market. Due to its properties of gelling, stabilizing and thickening, it has become a useful additive in the production of a number of food products. Typically, amidated pectin was used in the production of jams and fruit jellies, both in domestic and industrial applications, and in products that had a high sugar content. The reason for this is the fact that pectin secures the chosen texture, ensures an even distribution of fruits in the given food product and limits the creation of water or juice on the top surface of the food product. Now, with changes in lifestyle rampant, pectin is mainly used in industrial applications. In some regional markets of Europe, amidated pectin is used as an integrated component to gel sugar. Pectin is regarded as an extremely safe food additive and its composition and use is controlled by various bodies like FAO, WHO and USFDA.

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Major exporters of amidated pectin include Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Czech Republic and China. Major importers of pectin are the United States, Japan, France and Russia. As per the data released by American Chemical Society, around $850 million is the market value of the amount of pectin sold in the world. Since pectin cannot be digested, and it is a soluble fibre, its content in most processed foods is limited between 0.5% and 1%. Amidated pectin has its uses in the field of medicine since it increases viscosity and volume of stool and hence is used in both cases of constipation and diarrhoea. It is also used as a demulcent in throat lozenges. Pectin also finds its use in cosmetic products, where its main function is to act as a stabilizer. Pectin is also used in the preparation of wound healing substances and speciality medicines adhesives.

Pectin is usually sub divided into various groups as per the amount of esterification and amidation. Some of the groups include high methoxyl (HM) pectin and low methoxyl (LM) pectin. Low methoxyl pectin is able to gel at high pH levels and doesn’t require high levels of sugar, making it ideal for low calorie food products. Amidated pectin contains amides that are compounds derived from ammonia. Amidated pectin can also be used for emulsifying as it possesses the properties of dissolving in both fat and water and it gets dispersed in water uniformly as an emulsion. Pectin is also used to increase the shelf life of food products like yogurt and soy drinks and to protect them from the ill effects of heat processing.

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Leading manufacturers of pectin include –

  • Naturex
  • Herbstreith & Fox
  • CP Kelco
  • Cargill
  • Yantai Andre Pectin.

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